Together we are Zhero

Life is all around you when you’re in traffic. So, you need to do something really simple: show consideration. Because together, we are Zhero – heroes en route to Vision Zero.

What is Zhero?

The Swedish Transport Administration has been tasked by the Government to engage civil society and private individuals in the battle to achieve Vision Zero – that no one should be killed or suffer lifelong injury in road traffic. To reach this goal, we all need to be involved. This includes both individuals, businesses and organisations that develop and use the road system. 

Zhero is a collaboration between several actors, and there are great opportunities for leaders to take responsibility for traffic safety in their operations. In a wider perspective, working with traffic safety also involves sustainability issues. Together we have a great opportunity to reduce injuries and fatalities in road traffic and contribute to the UN’s sustainability goals. Everyone benefits from getting involved and by contributing. The more people who live by and spread the word about Zhero’s values, the greater society’s interest and engagement in traffic safety will grow.

Zhero’s aim, using communication, know-how, and widespread engagement, is to eventually change the behaviour in traffic.

We are part of the journey towards Vision Zero: Trafikverket, Arbetsmiljöverket, Folksam, Göteborgs stad, MHF, NTF, Polisen, Safer, Stockholms stad, STR and Transportstyrelsen.

What is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero was launched in 1997 with the goal of ensuring that no one should be killed or suffer lifelong injury in road traffic. But achieving this goal requires teamwork. Which means that everyone needs to follow the rules and look out for each other. And that those who build roads must do so in a way that means we can make mistakes without it costing our lives. Because this – along with seatbelts, airbags, and other innovations that make vehicles safer – will lay the foundations for safer journeys and transportation for everyone. 

Find out more about Vision Zero (the Swedish Transport Administration website)

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